“ When you are a mom, you begin caring for babies that aren’t yours as well! It’s in your psyche.”

-Shruthi Vivek

Co-founder, HandfulBaby

When we were expecting our first-borns, we experienced
a period of frenzy. After thorough researching and
preparing a never-ending checklist, we still wondered if
we had the best for our babies to come. If you are a
mother or a mother-to-be, I’m sure you know what we
are talking about. While we empathise and understand
what you are going through, we assure you we are here
to help you out.

Parenting is quite a ‘handful’ task; here’s another handful
only to make it easy.

We are a one-stop-shop for baby essentials made from
the finest materials with extra doses of love. We specialize
in baby-care products and offer a unique experience
by allowing you to curate a bundle for your li’l bundles of
joy. Our exclusively designed prints add a touch of quirk
and cuteness to your baby’s everyday fashion. Not just
that, we also offer the same for the mom, dad, sibling or
anyone to twin and flaunt!

We procure raw materials of the finest quality that are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals and are soft on your baby’s skin. As gentle as a mother’s kiss!
We are implementing maximum efforts to create slow-moving fashion that reduces the carbon footprint. By producing repurposable and reusable products, we are inching towards making the planet a better place for the generations to come.
There are only a handful of designs that you’ll find with us, but you’ll find them nowhere else! We guarantee. Our prints are exclusively designed in-house and undergo a makeover with time to create a trend!
We choose the best for our babies and yours. Nothing like a mom supporting and caring for another, is it?
We are a women-led business, strongly supported by our spouses. We had our epiphany during our pregnancy, and it has translated into our entrepreneurial venture where we want to help moms like us. Perseverance and love best define us and our effort. There’s trust, love, care and a handful of uniqueness in everything we do. And this isn’t possible without the two. From concept to design; operations; packaging and marketing; these #MommyQueens are at the forefront!
Harini Prasanna
An engineer by profession and a doting mother to a beautiful daughter, Harini has been working passionately on creating gorgeous stuff for babies and kids since 2015. She has now co-founded HandfulBaby to make her products garner global attention!
Shruthi Vivek
An architect by profession and a mom of two lovely children, Shruthi has been exploring the world of digital art over the last seven years. Parenting is her first priority and she calls HandfulBaby her third baby. A wanderer by nature, travelling is what she knows and does best when she isn’t working.