ALL ABOUT BELGIUM - Multi Layered Cotton Blanket

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<p>This is an exclusive print from our travel series. Quirky bits from Belgium feature in this funky design. Did you know that Fries originated in Belgium and wondered why we call them French Fries?</p><p>Cozy, cuddle worthy blankets to keep your cuties warm and comfy! Made from 100% cotton, this blanket has multiple layers that ensure your little one is warm and protected at all times. Add the playfulness quotient with our exclusive prints and get them in multiple prints to suit your choice!<br></p><p> </p><p><strong>Fabric:</strong> 100% Cotton</p><p><strong>Type: </strong>Multi-layered; Printed with assorted colourful borders</p><p><strong>Print: </strong>All About Belgium</p><p><strong>Specification:  </strong>36"x42"</p><p><strong>Age: </strong>0-2 years</p><p><strong>Specialties: </strong></p><p>Exclusive Design</p><p>Soft And Comfortable</p><p>Keeps Baby Warm</p><p><br></p>