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<p><strong>Title of book:</strong> Maari - A gift from the skies</p> <p><strong>Author:</strong> Anusha Veluswamy</p> <p><strong>Illustrator:</strong> Shruti Hemani</p> <p><strong>Publisher: </strong> The Little Dipper Publishing</p> <p><strong>Pages: </strong> 32</p> <p><strong>Reading Ages:</strong> 2-8</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Blurb:</strong></p> <p> </p> <p> Persistent heat waves have left Kanmani's village burnt and bare, but the village is rather busy gearing up for a festival. The village people cautiously prepare decorative pots and the women wrap themselves in bright silk sarees. The men, women, and children bring out their parai and beat the drums joyfully!</p> <p>What could they be celebrating now? Why are they celebrating when the soaring temperature has only brought more bad news to the village? Will there be a drought this vear?</p> <p>Maari - a gift from the skies is a peek into Kanmani's world, her little village in Tamil Nadu. It is a story of finding safety within your community, finding calm in your chaos, and a story about the gentle empathy of nature. This book will also help to begin conversations on Indian folk dances.</p> <p>Maari (Maa-ree) means rain in the Tamil language.</p> <p><i>Maari a gift from the skies was shortlisted for the AGBLF book prize 2023 under the Best children's picture book story category</i></p> <p><br></p>