Baby Bedding Kit (14 items)

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<div>This kit contains all the items you need for the baby to sleep comfortably! And that means, the Mama gets some rest too.. Some babies prefer the hammock (<i>thottil</i>), some prefer the mattress, some may just prefer the Mama's hands! Figure out which suits you best.. Remember, each baby is different and each Mama is different. Power to you!</div><div><br></div><div>Baby mattress with pillow and 2 bolsters</div><div>Printed Bedsheet, Pillow case, Bolster cases</div><div>Thottil set - Thottil, Thottil net, Thottil ceiling hook</div><div>Additional Thottil</div><div>Baby blanket</div><div>Toddler Quilt / Play mat / MileStone Mat</div><div><br></div>